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I have an idea, and i think it's pretty good.  Something we could go to Oni or Image with.  A modern, satirical take on the superhero book that is both unique and easy to pitch.  

Looking for an artist to collaborate with.  Someone that can help conceive and put this together.  When writing the script, i thought about artists like Frank Quietly, Ryan Stegman, and Chris Burnham.  Artists with a great, over-exaggerated style.

Image Comics requires a five sequential pages and a cover mock up.  I've got the script.  If you want to team up and collaborate on a fun, relevant comic, send me a note.
Hey deviants. I need someone who can do 2D style animation for a test sequence for a pitch I'm putting together. All characters and references would be provided. Looking at 2-3 minutes ofnfinished animation. This is mostly characters talking. Not a lot of complexity or movement.

Send samples and price quotes in a note.

What up Deviants.  I had a project come across my table.  I have a comic series pitch that needs the following:

Cover (In color). 
2-3 pages with inks
Character designs. 

It's a post-apocalyptic story with some vampyric zombie creatures and a lot of action.  The creator likes artists like Jim Mahfood style but just wants something visually interesting to help it stand out against like product.  Not married to any particular art type.

Send samples & prices.  Deposit up front with payment for delivered work for the selected artist.  

Thanks Deviants.
Ever read The Deal?  Great piece of writing and art that was posted online and got all sorts of attention from websites?…

I have an idea for something similar.  Something that could showcase unique talents and get the attention of comic publishers.  It's a Batman story in need of an artist.  Preferably someone who's a fan of the Tim Burton Batman films.  

If you're interested hit me up with a note.
Hey folks.  I wrote this paragraph and want to see it drawn to life.  Im not looking for hyper realism here.  In fact, a more surreal style would work well.  Something cartoonish, yet barbaric.  After reading the paragraph, note me with a sample and cost.  I have a feeling this is going to be about 3 pages with 6 panels per page.  

Here's the paragraph in question.

"You can’t say J.J. Abrams hasn’t warned you. It’s right there in the trailer. The new trailer forStar Wars: The Force Awakens. Disney’s latest cash cow engineered to generate enough profit to finally pioneer the resuscitative technology what will allow Walt’s cryogenically frozen head onto a new body composed of discarded cadavers from UCLA’s Medical School and organs from homeless people captured in a Most Dangerous Game-like scenario that takes place in the park after hours. The employees, still dressed in the costumes wield weapons and hunt down the frightened hobos with their executions coming at the hands of everyone’s favorite Mouse, Duck, and Dog. Scantily clad Snow White’s and Cinderella’s cheer them on as they are worked into a trance from a combination of blood lust and barbiturates, swaying in rhythm to the mind numbing audio of ‘It’s a Small World’. For the hunted, the living envy the dead…"

I look forward to hearing from you


United States
Here's an online comic from myself and fellow Deviant Yusuf Sp, a twisted little Science Fiction tale known as EXE: EXECUTABLE FILE

Here's a little primer to catch you up to speed on the story should anyone be interested…

Check it out.  Support your fellow Deviants!

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hey there note sent---thanks for visiting my page----want to do the b/w for you do you want the illustration 12hx9w or 12w x 9h
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